Hi there. As you can tell, I'm definately not a web designer, but I hope these pages can be helpful to you.

First off, here is some info about Hair.

Here are some of my scripts for Tinyfugue.

Here is the Tinyfugue home page. Also, here is a link to Tinyfugue documentation that is handy, instead of using the builtin /help feature.

I have started tinkering some with Batclient scripts. Feel free to check them out.

I am slowly collecting info about Batmud, mostly stuff that people have collected before, but here is my repetition of some of that information :)

Batmud Greenhouses and You
Level quest information
Area quest information
Award quest information
Player quest information
Handy spreadsheet for shipbuilders.
Online ship cost calculator!
Ship information: A slowly growing compendium of ship information.
Information that I have gathered from research on rigs.

Here is a table of Arms Lore information. that you can use in conjunction with Batshoppe's Compare Table or Moonlord's weapon compare table to get TEH BEST! weapon.

Stuff that I have rescued from the Internet that seems to be gone now.
Here are lists of some guild info that I have collected:

Here is a list of Skill improvements that you get with the 'learn by doing' mechanic in BatMUD.

And here is a list of Newbie equipment sets that some people may find helpful.
Here is a guide to Alignment in BatMUD
A good explanation of Armour protection values and coverage

If for some reason you want to email me, send to hair@vnet.net