Player quests

Here is an alphabetical list of Player Quests.

Name Errands
Difficulty Not very hard
Creator Nosunrise
Description Khensu, the Butler of 'X', is set to retire. Before he can lay aside his duties and spend time with other Lost Souls he has to find a worthy replacement for himself. His master, a peaceloving explorer by nature, has given Khensu a list of errands that must be fulfilled to ensure certain qualities among the applicants. If you think you have the necessary courage, cunning and compassion needed for the job, seek Khensu and run his simple errands.

Name The riddler
Difficulty Challenging
Creator Osku
Description The joy of exploring... The joy of discovering new and exciting things... Once the great hobby of the old navigator, exploring the world remains as a pleasant memory in his mind. Now, he wishes to test and maybe teach other lowly mortals in these matters, giving clues in form of riddles, clues of places, of famous persons and monsters. Your task is to find all these wonderful cities, heroes or villains. Go greet the last mystical navigator if you wish to embark on this fabulous journey. Remember to get the scroll from Cyrus first.