Some info about Hair...I started playing BatMUD sometime in late 1992 or early 1993, very shortly after the conversion that removed the EVIL Cultists from the game. I knew what MUDs were, I was in the process of wizzing on a 'standard' LPMUD, but as I watched a friend (Correl as it happens to be) play, I was astounded at all the stuff he could do. So he, Ayla, Beaker, and Malachi helped me get started.

These were the days before backgrounds on Bat, so I started life as a vampire necromancer. Probably not the highest exp earning combination I could have picked, vamps got about 75% exp and necros got about 75% of the exp if their horde killed something, so it was slow going, but fun! I stayed with that combo for a long time, until the spell freeze plane of dead was tuned to dramatically increase the chance of your undead horde just disappearing instead of saving.

This was also about this time that donates were opened, so I sent in some money, along with a few friends, and got some handy-dandy wishes. I reinced to psi, and joined conjurer as 2ndary, and wished it to be a 2nd primary guild. I also wished for my armour restrictions to be removed. Conjurers in those days could maybe wear rings and thats about it. So I had a pretty good character, over 500 hps and over 2000 sps, and ticked something like 800 with my eq on. I stayed here until BatMUD converted to a system much closer to the one that is currently in existance.

When Bat converted, I was a whiny little bitch. I can admit that now, and wish that I wasn't and had kept playing, but oh well. I ended up giving all my tps away, and all my eq and all my money and quit playing for the longest time. I would log onto Bat occasionally just to see if anybody I knew was on, and chat for a few minutes. It was during one of these infrequent log on sessions that someone, probably Jspectre or Xymbarg told me that they were opening up a version of Bat from 'Back in the Day' and to check it out. I did, and was hooked again :)

I was a necromancer again, but freeze plane of dead was quickly retuned, so I reinced out of there and into Infernal Knight. That was not an easy transition, getting SELs to get a decent sword took forever. Now, I have the 10th best IK sword of all time, so I think its pretty good :). I played on classic alot and had a whole lot of fun doing it. At one point, when attendance started to drop off sharply, I decided to take myself back to good old BatMUD. I had gotten over my whiny bitchiness and logged in and got converted. I went catfolk/civfighter with a whopping 7M total. I had fun and got alot of help from Saigere, Shalkan, Correl, and Anastasia, got a few more megs totals and went to Ranger, and eventually also to Barb.

I stayed RangerBarb for a while, then I decided to try being a Merchant. I was really impressed with the merchant guild, there is alot to do to be a well-rounded merchant, and requires a fair bit of knowledge of the game. While a merchant, I joined the Bard's guild (which is a no-brainer for a merchant), finished all my KBH, managed to make it to Master Merchant and learned a bit about ships. After 9 months or so as a merchant, I decided that I'd like to be able to fight again, so I reinced to tinmen SabreBard. This is a pretty fun combination, but I decided I wanted to hit ALOT, so... I reinced to barso SabreBard! Now I'm back in a merchant reinc, but doing it with Alchemists this time. Wow! Potion research is alot of bore.

After all that I've since done a tarmadruid reinc, tigerpriest reinc, and am currently in a crimsonarcher reinc. I wasn't sure how much fun I'd have as a nomad again, but it has kept my interest. Anyhow thats where things stand for now. I realise this narriative is probably boring, but you are the one who read this far ;)