NOTICE: If you want to connect to Batmud with an encrypted connection you just have to do the following:

Here is a list of some of my scripts for Batmud. I am (slowly) working on getting things organized to be able to publish a more full-featured script set, not near as ambitious as Ggr's but not inconsequential either. Anyway, here are a few of the standalone ones. A script that figures out how many animist soul training points you've spent based on the output from 'animist soul score'. Also some hilites I find handy, and a brief description and examples of how I use 'hooks' in TF to simulate command-aliases to make reincing easier, because I don't have to clear out my commands every reinc. This script allows you to give x-y coordinates to your ship and it will sail there using the most direct line. It will not attempt to sail around any terrain obstacles, but will abort if your ship cannot proceed any further. autocruise 100x137y This script puts output from 'show boba' into a more compact table. 2-August-2020: Fixed issue with screen freeze if multiple Boba Fetts showed up back-to-back. This script logs tells from your crew leader and gives you a command to recall the last few lines you were sent. It also takes an optional argument of a number of lines to display. Handy if you forgot where you parked your car, I mean ship, and don't see any flashy lights when you mash your clicker. This script appends DESTER! DISINTEGRATOR! IMMOLATOR! to the end of a mob's short description. It also requires destlist.txt to use as a database file. I took the information for the database file from Batwiki. Makes a nice chart for tracking mage essence. Just type "essence" after loading the script to see. If you don't like the colors I picked you can play with them in the "display_essence_results" function.
featherweight.tar.gz A sqlite3 database of 'best weight' seen when feather weighting eq. This requires some editing of the files. Download the tarball and read the README. Its wordy, but what needs to be done is fairly straightforward. I think this is somewhat interesting because it does use an external program (sqlite3) to track stuff and report back to tinyfugue. A script to look at "house news own" and display how much the members have donated for the amount of history displayed. It takes an optional argument so you can redirect the output to a channel. Ex: funder house- say     will redirect output to your house channel. You will want to edit this script to change the lines command from 30 to your preferred setting. (Batmud default is around 24) **Updated 18 October, 2018 to make output slightly prettier My feather weight script that tracks best weight achieved on an item, and reports weight before and after casting the spell. This one will require some small edits for it to workproperly for you. See the comments in the file. (Updated 5 May, 2020 to remove annoying redefined macro message) A script that will allow you to set up and clear temporary hilites. Originally written to make it easier for me to see materials in outworld room descriptions as I was walking through the rooms. It is quite useful for other temporary hiliting as well. It also has built-in defaults for hiliting herbs by season with "springlite", "summerlite", "autumnlite", and "winterlite". My lure reporting trigs
monstermangler.tar.gz A database of observed monster exp worth and additional notes. This is somewhat more complex than the standalone scripts, be sure to read the README file after extracting everything from the archive. Updated 26 December 2017 to support (undead) (bleeding) and <wrapped> Enables numpad movement with 5 as 'look'. Also enables numpad enter key. Colorizes 'ps' and 'pss' output Shows +/- change on potentia, vitae, and evolution points. Useful for Nergalism. Displays +/- change for 'p stats' and colorizes your change, green for good, red for bad. You will also need for things to work properly, and you will also need to change references in the script from 'Hair' to your own name, being sure to keep an eye on the spacing, its important. Most everything should line up fine, except in the cases of large negative numbers. A script that will generate a random party name from a list in a data file. (see an example here) The file will require a small edit to point to the location of the data file. Somewhat simplyfing sword of wonders handling. Can give it just damage type and it will turn the pommel to the correct place. Should not take more than 4 turns ever to change to wanted damage type. Also shows damage type when you look at the sword, based on pommel color. Some utility functions. Written by Xyloid and graciously shared. strrep2: string replacement. ucfirst: capitalize first letter of string. toproper: capitalize first letter of each word in a string. trim: strips whitespace from the end of a string. chop: strips last character from the end of a string. left: returns the leftmost <n> characters of a string. right: returns the rightmost <n> characters of a string. strcount: returns how many of string <i> is contained in string <z>. min: compares 2 variables and returns the one valued less. max: compares 2 variables and returns the one valued more. A quasi-legal script that will walk you in a direction you specify, moving every 2 seconds A script that parses the 'whereami' command and opens Firefox to Jeskko's map page, centered on your current location
So, the following isn't written by me, but it seems interesting and perhaps useful. Its a 3rd party program that keeps map data, similarly to the batmapper plugin for batclient. What you'll need to do is download the software, download an interface script, if you run tf remotely, through putty or so, you'll also need to configure putty, then play with it some. Well, here are links:

tf-mapper by thornag. This is the 3rd party software, there are download links on the right side. tinyfugue script. Found online in github comment section. Required to be able to talk back to the tf-mapper program.
Xyloid's BatMap outworld map page. This page also shows how to set up forwarded ports with putty. If you connect to a server with putty and then run tf from that server, you'll need to scroll down to the directions on how to do this.

If you run putty to connect, read the directions from the Xyloid's BatMap link above and set up the port forward on port 23923. Use this putty session to connect to your server and then to batmud, through tinyfugue.
Start the tf-mapper program that you downloaded, then /load the script. You're all set to begin mapping. First you can toggle the mapping on or off by /set _mapping_enabled=1 to turn on, or set to 0 to turn off. Inside the MudMapper program, by default you'll have the tools window open on the left, change where it says 'Walk' to 'Create' then right-click in the grey area in the middle and select create new room, then doubleclick on this room in the mapper, then start moving around in tf. You should start seeing new rooms appear.

Please note, I have messed with this for perhaps 15 minutes, so I know as much about it as you do :D It was written by someone who plays a polish mud Arkadia. If you know polish you can try logging in there and asking if thornag is around for questions I suppose.