Here is where I'll post any scripts for Batclient that I make.

To install these scripts is pretty easy, as long as you are familiar with file navigation and manipulation in whichever OS you are using. Here are the directions for installing these in a Windows environment.

Thats all there is to it. The next time you start batclient you should get a message along the lines of:
Booting scripts started:
  barb_counter ok!

Instead of having to exit Batclient and reconnect, after the script is saved to the scripts directory, you can just issue the following commands from the command-line in Batclient:

This will load and boot up your scripts again.

One thing that I've found useful with Batclient is to have your Batclient folder hosted on some cloud storage service, such as Dropbox and then just make a symbolic link that points to the storage service folder instead of a local folder. Briefly, here is how to do it using Windows 10:

This method should work perfectly well with any of the cloud based storage services out there, just modify the destinations based on what you use. Also be sure the file locations are referenced properly for your situation as well.

archer_analyze.bcs CDA report for archer shots to party report channel
barb_counter.bcs Barbarian rep meter counter. Shows number from rep meter AND shows how much barb rep is gained per kill. PLEASE read the comments in this file and change things where it asks you to change them. If you do not, this script will not work properly for you.
barb_lure.bcs Barbarian lure reporting script. Colorizing taken from Pisano's luring script from batwiki.
boba.bcs *** UPDATED 12 March 2020 to stop hang if you have no boons. *** Script to make more compact chart showing boons. Be sure to set the ScreenHeight variable to your current lines setting. Type 'lines' in game to check. Usage: $boba
cda.bcs Report script for Combat Damage Analysis skill
entity.bcs *** UPDATED 24 June 2020 to account for 100000 'X' value *** Tallies up entity rep and shows +/- change. Colorizes output somewhat. Be sure to change entity names where it says to near the top of the file. (Correct capitalization matters!)
essence.bcs *** UPDATED Febuary 2018 *** Essence Tracker script. This will track your blasts and give you an approximation on when you can see your next essence bump. Please note, the numbers will be less accurate until you have received an essence bump, due to the way the script calculates blasts. IMPORTANT: Please be sure to change the _Path variable in the script to reflect the correct location for YOUR batclient scripts. You will also need to "set pipe_commands off" for this script to work properly.
habo.bcs *** UPDATED 5 Febuary, 2018: Click *HERE* to see easy-to-make change to older versions of this script. If you use the link to the left to download habo.bcs this change has already been made. ***
Creates a chart to show statistics on Harm Body casts. Tracks total casts, failures, successes, burgle crits, habo essence message and habo youth message. Also has a feature to save your last session so you can make changes to eqset and see if it helps with any percentages. You can see a sample of the chart here
hcheck.bcs A script to parse house info and report how much has been donated as see through 'house news own' and report on any tax surplus or defecit. Can also be redirected to channels. Be sure to change the screenHeight variable near the top of the file to reflect your preferred lines setting.
liberator_ghosts.bcs Lites output from 'liberator ghosts' to make it easier to see power levels and conditions.
litemin.bcs Allows you to set easy lites if you're looking for a specific word. Called it litemin because I originally used it to look for mineral deposits as a merchant, but its useful to set a quick alert for other stuff too. Default color is bright yellow, you can edit the trigger to change that to whatever you want though.
load_save_example.bcs Example script that shows how I implemented loading and saving of variables into external save files. For a working example look at habo.bcs
monk.bcs Makes a nice chart for tracking the monk specialty skills. Just type: $monk.check once the script is loaded.
pot_vit_track.bcs ***UPDATED 28 May, 2020 to show change on teaching skills/spells. Shows +/- change on potentia, vitae, and evolution points. Useful for Nergalism
pstats.bcs Shows +/- change in output from 'party stats', colorized. Be sure to change the 'MyNames' variable to your character names
target_helper.bcs Sets special batclient variable selectedTarget so you can use the F1 key/click F1 in batclient to kill targetted creature. Also reports target to party report line.
skillup_grabber.bcs Reports new percentile of skill that improves through use.
spellround.bcs Reports spell rounds left to specified channel (defaults to party report). Can toggle on, off, or brief (2 rounds or less)
sr.bcs Variant of the above spellround script that will report only on command rather than every round. Just type: $sr to use

Here are scripts written by others that I think are neat and/or useful:

timers.bcs Reported as BETA software, also only currently handles degen timers. Written by Pisano.
balance.bcs Helpers for Alex sleeves 'balance'