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  • Moonlord's Barbarian Shrine
  • Moonlord's Weapon Compare Table

    So, heard on barbarian channel one day during a conversation about the Lure skill. As always 'help rumors'
    Anonymous [barbarian]: bash, bways, attack, stun, find weakness, alertness, battlecry, kick, csense, dodge, parry, riposte, stunned maneuvers, str, dex, wis, and int
    Anonymous [barbarian]: just repeating what somebody told that ulath had _once_ said on the channel
    Anonymous [barbarian]: but it would be REALLY nice if stuff like this was on a newspost at least

    TF trigs for Lure. They are regexp so you should be able to take the body of the trig and use it in whichever client you like.

    /DEF -i -mregexp -F -t'^You fail to make any use of your opportunity!$' lureStunFail = \
            @party report Lure Failed!
    /DEF -i -mregexp -F -t'^You have trouble but manage to' lureStun1 = \
            @party report 1 Round Lure
    /DEF -i -mregexp -F -t'^You valiantly strike back at' lureStun2 = \
            @party report 2 Round Lure
    /DEF -i -mregexp -F -t'^You see opportunity and butt the shaft' lureStun3 = \
            @party report 3 Round Lure
    /DEF -i -mregexp -F -t'^You go \'GOTCHA!\'' lureStun4 = \
            @party report 4 Round Lure
    /DEF -i -mregexp -F -t'^And brutally shove your weapon down' lureStun5 = \
            @party report 5 Round Lure
    /DEF -i -mregexp -F -t'^But (.*)\'s extreme knowledge in stunned maneuvers' lureBreak = \
            @party report Damn, %{P1} maneuvered lure!
    /DEF -i -mregexp -F -t"^...but you fail to outwit your enemy, which (.*) notices!$" lureFail = \
            @party report Failed lure against %{P1}
    /DEF -i -mregexp -F -t"^([A-Za-z '-]*) ignores your lure." lureIgnored = \
            @party report %{P1} ignored lure!