Moonlord's Barbarian Shrine
updated 12.9.2009

Barbarians are battle-hardened warriors,
always ready for some pillage and raping.
Barbarians are good offtanks who add
damage they make by keeping enemy stunned
with battlecry and lure. They use axes and
bludgeons, not anymore polearms.

Their defensive capabilities are somewhat limited
since they trust that offense is the best defense :)

Barbarians value reputation that they get from
burning and looting corpses that they kill.

Barbarian guild is located at
9 s;4 sw;19 s;6 se;8 ne;13 e;20 ne;5 ne;11 e;13 ne;8 e;6 ne;6 e;6 ne;
17 e;se;e;se;e;ne;e;ne;8 e;3 se;2 e;2 ne;e;6 ne;7 e;2 ne
from Shadowkeeps w crossing. Joining place is still
at Digga's, you need to make ring of barbarian friendship to get in guild.

Barbarian arena is 14 n;10 ne;5 e;13 ne;8 e;8 ne;10 n;13 ne;20 n;14 nw;
10 n;7 nw;n;9 ne;5 n;8 ne;3 n from skeep portal.


Info about most important barbarian skills (reinc guide)

Offensive skills:

Attack (100): Basic skill. Max this quickly, without this you don't hit enemy too often :)
Axes (85) Cleave (100): Attack skill for axes. max these soon.
Reaving (100): Mastery for axes, I have rarely bothered to train this more than 50-60
(100) Pound (100) Pulverize (100): Same skills for bludgeons

Negate offhand penalty (80): Lessens penalties when using weapon in offhand, better train well
Throw weight (100): Helps you to put weight behind strike, train this high especially if you have big race
Stun (100): Works quite rarely, needs to be highly trained to be of any assistance, not for newbies
Riposte (80): If you manage to parry enemy's attack you can continue with riposte attack (5-8 hp dam)
Tumbling attack (90): When your enemy dodges your attack you can still hit him with successful tumbling attack, quite important
Find Weakness (100): Makes you crit more often
Enhance criticals (100): Makes your crits become better, big difference between 80% and 100% ecrit

Brawling (100), Kick (100): Sometimes it's useful to have some skills that you can use while fighting nude

General skills:

Torch creation (80): Good to have even you would have infra, you never know when you need torch for burning corpses
Fire building (40), Camping (50): Damn low trainability in barbarian guild but max these fast, helps your regen
Switch weapon (100): You can change weapon during combat. Not very important
Discipline (100): Enemy won't break your skills too often if you have this trained. Train at least to 50

First aid (80), Rescue (50): Nice to have trained, helps you to keep party members alive

Alertness (100): Helps you to avoid ambushes, nice to have some
Swim (100): Keeps you alive while crossing a sea, train at least to 50
Hiking (65), Endurance (100): These help you to save some ep when moving / fighting
Grapple (100): You can keep enemy from running, quite slow skill though. Not very important

Barbarian skills: These are what makes difference between barbarian and other tank guilds.

Battlecry (100): Good for starting battle, will not aggro enemy when you start it. Makes dam and stuns enemy for 0-5 rounds.
Reputation affects this skill. You must have some barbaric ways trained for this to work well.
When I had 100 skill, 50k+ rep but no barbways trained I usually made only 0-1 round stuns, max 2 rounds.
Maxed barbways added some 3 rounds to that.
Lure (100): When in fight you can stun enemy with this for 0-5 rounds. Nice combo to use first battlecry and then lure.
Enrage (100): Adds some str and dex to all barbarians in party. Reputation affects this. Max stat bonus with this is some +30 both, str and dex
Frenzy (100): Lowers your parry to 0 and raises bit dam that you make. Also aggroes all monsters and players in the room,
except those who are at the room when you start skill. Good if killing small non-aggro monsters, like in Critter hunt event
Looting and burning (100): Essential skill in barbarians, not getting much rep without burning corpses

Barbaric ways (100): Mastery for barbarian skills. You can train this only as much as your reputation allows,
approximatily 2% per every 1k rep. Affects at least battlecry, lure, enrage, cleave and pound

Defensive skills:

Cold tolerance (100), Fire walking (100), Toxic immunity (100), Pain threshold (100): Skills for cold, fire, poison and phys resistances.
Not used very often, but might give the edge you need when killing monsters near your limits. Resistances last longer when skill percentage is high.

Dodge (80), Parry (65): Essential def skills.
Combat sense (50): Raises your protection and prevents your armour getting wasted. Essential
Stunned maneuvers (40): Lessens time that you will stay stunned.


Barbarian Quests

Doing these quests gives +dam and +hit bonuses to your barbarian necklace. "ask shaman about awards"
These also have some reputation requirements. All except Defeat Oogga clears at reinc.

Quest rep req difficulty info
Prove Yourself 700 not very hard You need to solo lots (36?) of over 1k monsters in two hours time. Oogga tells you message every 25% intervals.
Way of the Warrior 1500 challenging You need to find skull of Groo's father from maze and then portal to find way out. You can solo it but you can also party with couple other barbarians, though then you all need to find your own skulls
(you can't pick up wrong skull).
Help Madison 2000 not very hard Begin quest at Thakran, find minotaur and help him to revenge
Raiding Cevi Village 3600 not very hard sw of Sunderland. Go there, kill men, loot houses, and capture woman until you get quest.
Stay Alive 5000 challenging You need to survive one hour in a place with lots of aggro trolls (10-50k). From there you find potions that help you. Can be made solo or in barbarian party.
Defeat Oogga 30000 very hard You can kill oogga only once. He throws out people that are not barbarians, not have enough reputation or already have quest when they try to attack him. When you have this quest you can burn corpses without torch.

Barbarian Events

Both barbarian events are placed on arena some 20 ne of barbarian guild and are held every 8. day.
"Barbarian event <event>" command gives you more info about times and rules.

Critter Hunt: You need to kill many small critters as fast as you can. The barbarian that kills most wins event.
You get some rep from every kill so even small barbarians are welcome. No reputation or level-limits.
Other barbarians are bigger threat to your safety than critters since barbarians actually crit sometimes :P.
Hint: You better train frenzy. Log about testing of critter hunt: Crittertest.rtf (176 KB)

Blood Bowl: Last man standing wins the bowl. You must come nude. You will get battle-axe and mace when you join event.
Prots are cancelled whn you join so don't bother boosting yourself.
If you get killed you'll get free pray. You get reputation from fighting even if you don't kill anyone, and every kill gives you nice rep.
Winner gets quest and some 200+ rep depending how many barbarians he has killed
(I guess best so far is 882 rep that I got from eight kills).

Check my list of Blood Bowls.
Bloodbowls.rtf (45 KB)

Some of my Blood Bowl logs:
Bowl000test.rtf (60 KB)
The very first bowl test.

Bowl001.rtf (47 KB)
First official bowl.

Bowl002.rtf (57 KB)
Second bowl.

Bowl004.rtf (47 KB)
My first victory.

Bowl020.rtf (35 KB)
I beated highbie in fair combat :)

Bowl079.rtf (49 KB)
First new kind of bowl

Bowl089.rtf (89 KB)
My best bowl so far


Barbarian Arena

You get reputation from beating opponents in barbarian arena. You can challenge one oppenent per day so you better take as big as you can defeat and go to kill it daily for good solorep.

Opponent Size. Rep.
Ugg 3k 1
Obhu 5k 5
Galrok 7k 9
Trak 9k 14
Wompah 25k 20
Bartel 36k 27
Crawen 50k 35
Bukh 75k 43

Barbarian Reputation

Barbarians gain reputation mainly by looting and burning corpses, training skills and barbarian events / arena gives reputation also.
When one barbarian in party burns corpse, all barbarians in the party gets same reputation. You see messages based on how much rep you got from corpse:
You feel nasty (1-3), You feel wicked (3-4), You feel bad (4-8), You feel barbaric (7-8), Now you ARE wicked (7-14),
Now you ARE bad! (15-20), Now you ARE barbaric (15-29), You wallow in reputation (25-34), You feel Groo smiling upon you (46-102).

Reputation Bar

"barbarian binfo <name>" shows you how much other barbarians have reputation.
X = 10000, @ = 1000, # = 100, : = 10, . = 1

Reputation Titles

Reputation Title Other
0-50 puppy like being  
50-100 vicious puppy  
100-150 child  
150-200 angry child  
200-250 fumbling combatant  
250-300 animal max for lv 1
300-350 feared by sheep  
350-400 nomad  
400-450 delinquent  
450-500 spouse beater  
500-550 rapist  
550-600 brawler max for lv 2
600-800 vandal Prove yourself
800-900 protagonist max for lv 3
900-1000 blood letter  
1000-1100 grunt  
1100-1200 savage max for lv 4
1200-1300 witted fighter  
1300-1400 Barbarian  
1400-1500 Roughneck max for lv 5, Way of the Warrior
1500-1600 Raging Bull  
1600-1700 Lion like  
1700-1800 Murderer max for lv 6
1800-1900 Desperado  
1900-2000 Weapon master Help Madison
2000-2200 Famous Barbarian  
2200-2400 Feared by peasants max for lv 8
2400-2600 Pillager  
2600-2800 Feared by knights max for lv 9
2800-3000 Feared by sovereigns max for lv 10, Torch from Shaman
3000-3300 Derek's trusted max for lv 11
3300-3600 Cruelty incarnated max for lv 12
3600-3900 Derek's guard max for lv 13, Cevi village
3900-4200 Master Barbarian max for lv 14
4200-4500 Rampaging Whirlwind max for lv 15
4500-4800 Abomination max for lv 16
4800-5000 Crusher  
5000-6000 Bone Grinder max for 17-19, Stay alive
6000-7000 Oogga's Elite Warrior  
7000-8000 Violence Embodied  
8000-9000 Lean Mean Killing Machine  
9000-10000 Thunderer  
10000-12000 The Punisher  
12000-14000 The Devastator  
14000-16000 Flattener of Cities  
16000-18000 The Destroyer  
18000-20000 The Conqueror  
20000-22000 Walking Earthquake  
22000-24000 Mountain Crusher  
24000-26000 Groo's Favoured  
26000-28000 DeathBringer  
28000-30000 Nightmare  
30000-33000 Annihilator Defeat Oogga
33000-36000 One Man Storm Front  
36000-40000 Conquerer of Nations  
40000-44000 Destroyer of Nations  
44000-48000 Enslaver of Continents  
48000-50000 Bringer of Destruction  
50000-60000 Pillager of Worlds  
60000-70000 Groo Reborn  
70000-80000 BatMUD's Bane  
80000-90000 Envy of Gods  
90000-100000 Legendary  
100000-150000 Feared by Gods Barbarian Eldership
150000-200000 Chosen One  
200000-250000 God Slayer  
250000-300000 The Apocalypse  
300000-350000 One of the Most Destructive forces on the planes of BatMUD  
350000-400000 Uneartlhy skilled, Devastatingly Powerful Godlike Barbarian  
400000-450000 The Allmighty Conqueror, True Incarnation of Hell on BatMUD  
450000-500000 The Insane Grinder, Over-Eager Hack'n'Slash Machine  
500000+ A silly person who needs pimples to be burst at  

Barbarian Elders

1. (Dogi) was first one to reach enough reputation for eldership. Was 500M highbie like Steelheart.
Those two dominated barbarian events for some time.
2. Steelheart got eldership right after Dogi. They had nice fight about leadership which sometimes changed daily. Dogi and Steelheart rebirthed after they got eldership, and lost it later when Runeaxe decided to clear rep at rebirth. He regained his lost eldership couple years later.
3. (Pogowoko) is first one that has got "Chosen One" title (150k) and later God Slayer (200k). Reinced away from barbarians, spent 291M exp on unique ring and came back to guild to make exp again. Then rebirthed as Aegis and lost eldership.
4. Tonto got eldership 7.2002. Rebirthed and made quickly to lv 100 and barbarian eldership.
Gargoyle barbarian (barsoomian for a while) who rocked with full dam set and good weapons.
5. (Mardus) got eldership 20.9.2002. Immorted soon after that
6. Moonlord got eldership 26.12.2002. I didn't much made exp or rep but just stayed in guild seven reincs in a row until finally got eldership. Actually I was barbarian already before reputation was introduced and it took me 2,5 years to get enough rep for eldership :P (gained 240M exp while doing it). I was second who got Chosen One title (150k rep) and later God Slayer (200k), first one to get The Apocalypse title (250k), 300k, 350k and 400k rep titles. Second one to get 450k rep.
7. Druff got eldership 31.12.2002. Old highbie that quickly made 100k rep
8. Kiraffi got eldership 8.1.2003. He was first barbarian that reached eldership without being 100-leveler (only 92). Getting eldership takes so much time that you can easily make some 150-200M exp while doing it. He was 4th barbarian to get 150k+ rep.
9. Facekiller got eldership 19.3.2003. Level 91 tank. Reinced away right after getting eldership
10. (Yggrasil) got eldership 05.4.2003. Level 90 tank. Stayed in guild after getting eldership and took leadership for a moment. Third who has got Chosen One title. Reinced away with 182k rep, and lost that bit later at rebirth.
11. Descad got eldership 11.5.2003. Titan rebirther who fast (4 months) got himself 86 levels and eldership. Got 150k rep later.
12. (Argooni) got eldership 22.5.2003. Made rep lazily two years, then activated and quickly gathered needed rep. Reinced out soon after getting eldership but promised to come back. Rebirthed and lost rep
13. (Belanthor) got eldership 20.6.2003. Level 90 Minotaur crimson barbarian who was in guild several years before got enough rep for eldership. Rebirthed and lost eldership, and started again.
14. Grimpold got eldership 24.8.2003. Level 68 Gargoyle who made rep in bit over four months and reinced away right after getting eldership.
15. (Jokke) got eldership 9.9.2003. Level 83 Gargoyle who stayed long in barbarian guild after rebirth. Made 183k rep and then took third rebirth.
16. Xarath got eldership 13.9.2003. Level 91 Gnoll, barbarian ranger
17. Norz got eldership 28.9.2003. Level 82 Titan barbarian ranger, who rebirthed to barbarian and stayed there as long as he got eldership. Reinced away after getting eldership.
18. Kaide got eldership ~28.9.2003. Level 83 Minotaur.
19. Andrew got eldership 27.10.2003. Level 86 Gargoyle who was over 6 months within 2k from getting eldership, then came back from retirement, got eldership and reinced instantly after that.
20. Peelo got eldership ~1.11.2003. Level 90 Tinmen. Full Crimson/Barbarian. Got also Chosen One title later. Was third barbarian to get Godslayer title. Rebirthed and made eldership again.
21. Dupre got eldership ~29.1.2004. Level 100 Cromagnon. Crimson/Barbarian. First Lieutenant of Crimson Brigade
22. Lyriikka got eldership 9.2.2004. Level 100 Ogre. Crimson/Barbarian. Reinced away after getting eldership.
23. Delveling got eldership 12.2.2004. Level 100 Cromagnon. Crimson/Barbarian. Reinced away after getting eldership.
24. Goricor got eldership 28.2.2004. Level 95 Giant. Barbarian/Ranger. Finally got eldership after seven years in guild (rep was installed 4 years ago).
25. Gaurhoth got eldership 7.3.2004. Level 100 Ogre. Barbarian/Crimson. Got 180k rep nowadays.
26. Zithromax got eldership 31.3.2004. Level 98 Tinmen. Barbarian/Crimson. Reinced away after getting eldership. Rebirthed and lost eldership but made it again.
27. Vendar got eldership 10.6.2004. Level 100 Titan. Barbarian/Crimson. Old highbie who rocked on barbarian events. Was fourth barbarian ever to reach 200k rep.
28. Rankku got eldership 22.7.2004. Level 96 Cromagnon. Barbarian/Cavalier/Beastmaster.
29. Runko got eldership 11.8.2004. Level 90 Gargoyle. Barbarian/Crimson. Stayed almost couple years in guild before got eldership.
30. Enochian got eldership 8.2004. Level 90 Cromagnon. Barbarian/Ranger.
31. Cozmo got eldership 21.9.2004. Level 85 Orc. Barbarian/Crimson. Getting eldership took bit under 10 months and got him 183M exp. Reinced away right away after getting eldership.
32. Zinko got eldership 12.11.2004. Level 98 Ogre. Barbarian/Crimson. Getting eldership took 11 months and got him 160M exp. Reinced soon away from guild.
33. Rjak got eldership 14.12.2004. Level 100 Ogre. Barbarian/Crimson. Getting eldership took 18 months.
34. Amd got eldership 19.12.2004. Level 85 Ogre. Barbarian/Crimson. Getting eldership took 17 months and got him 160M exp. Rebirthed and made eldership again 16.8.2007 in 13 months gaining 330M exp.
35. Koan got eldership 8.2.2005. Level 98 Tinman. Barbarian/Crimson. Getting eldership took 6 months.
36. Lasanta got eldership 26.6.2005. Level 84 Gargoyle. Barbarian/Crimson. Getting eldership took almost two years.
37. Hobo got eldership 13.7.2005. Level 90 Tinman. Barbarian/Crimson.
38. Kerzebel got eldership 29.7.2005. Level 90 Troll. Barbarian/Crimson. Getting eldership took 10 months and got him 150M exp.
39. Valkrist got eldership 7.11.2005. Level 95 Tinman. Barbarian/Crimson. Getting eldership took 2 years and got him 240M exp.
40. Glory got eldership 14.11.2005. Level 90 Tinman. Barbarian/Crimson. Rebirthed and made eldership again, rebirthed and made eldership third time.
41. Walciz got eldership 22.11.2005. Level 100 Tinman. Barbarian/Crimson.
42. Chizra got eldership 3.12.2005. Level 90 Titan. Barbarian/Crimson. Has made 250k rep but in several births so he didn't get eldership until this rebirth where he has made over 230k rep already.
43. Nosunrise got eldership 17.12.2005. Level 97 Orc. Barbarian/Crimson.
44. Garok got eldership 23.12.2005. Level 92 Giant. Barbarian/Crimson.
45. Susette got eldership 3.2.2006. Level 93 Titan. Barbarian/Crimson.
46. Sareth got eldership 15.2.2006. Level 90 Ogre. Barbarian/Crimson.
47. Orome got eldership 1.3.2006. Level 90 Tinman. Barbarian/Crimson.
48. (Atomska) got eldership 3.3.2006. Level 93 Gnoll. Barbarian/Ranger. Was couple years in Barbarians. First person to get Thor's Legendary Thunder Mace after tune. Got removed later.
49. Jerkkis got eldership 21.4.2006, Level 85 Minotaur. Barbarian/Squire/Cavalier/Beastmaster. Getting eldership took over 2 years and got her 180M exp.
50. Alorn got eldership 22.6.2006, Level 93 Ogre. Barbarian/Crimson. Getting eldership took 2,5 years and got him 200M exp.
51. Morpher got eldership 2006. Level 100 Troll. Barbarian/Ranger.
52. Maximus got eldership ~9.2006, Level 100 Gnoll Barbarian/Ranger. Getting eldership took 3 months and he was first one to get 450k rep during which he got 1.3G exp. Reinced away at 472K rep. Came back, made 500k rep and suicided.
53. Molotov got eldership 22.10.2006, Level 92 Troll. Barbarian/Crimson.
54. Nepnep was third one ever to get 250k+ rep.
55. Cola got eldership 9.2.2007, Level 100 centaur. Barbarian/Crimson.
56. Routa got eldership 13.5.2007, Level 90 Titan. Barbarian/Ranger. Getting eldership took 5 months and got him 250M exp.
57. Vesku got eldership 7.9.2007. Getting eldership took 3 months.
58. Eksrei got eldership 12.2007.
59. Sumendar got eldership 17.12.2007. It took 4,5 years and got 350M exp.
60. Crueger Level 100 Troll.
61. Helikeiju got eldership 15.1.2008, Level 90 Minotaur. Barbarian/Ranger.
62. Murdoch got eldership 4.2.2008, Level 100 Barsoomian. Barbarian/Squire/Cavalier/Beastmaster.
63. Don got eldership 24.2.2008, Level 85 Ogre. Barbarian/Crimson. Getting eldership took over 2 years and got her 180M exp.
64. Woocca got eldership 27.8.2008, Level 96 Cyclop. Barbarian/Crimson. Rebirther who tries to get to level 100 without reincing.
65. Shmuzin got eldership 12.10.2009, Level 90 Centaur. Barbarian/Crimson.
66. Mallarch got eldership 19.4.2010, Level 100 Gnoll. Barbarian/Ranger. Second time in this reinc.
67. Bmoa got eldership 6.7.2010, Level 100 Gargoyle. Barbarian/Crimson.


Barbarian Elders at HC Bat

1. Moe got eldership 29.5.2005. Level 100 Civilized Catfolk. Barbarian/Tarmalen/Bard/Nav. Reinced out at 108k rep and rebirthed.
2. (Gon) got eldership 28.8.2005. Level 100 Civilized Ent. Barbarian/Tarmalen/SS/Nav. Reinced and died.
3. Bleach got eldership 17.11.05. Level 100 Ogre Nomad Barbarian/LoC/SS. Rebirthed after that.
4. Shift got eldership 23.9.2006.


Who is Groo?

Groo is dumb but deadly barbarian whose humorous adventures we can read from Groo the Wanderer comics.
He roams around and brings death and destruction to those around him. He can singlehandedly charge against army.

Since 1981 over 140 Groo comics has been published
(and I have over 100 of those :)

Some Groo links:

[Norwegian Groo Page] [Groo the Wanderer] [] [Tampabay]


Some History

Barbarian guild used to be at digga's before Runeaxe took leads and moved guild to place where it's now. Our joining place is still in the old guild.
Oogga used to have axe instead of mace that he has now. And he was normal 1M equmonsie back then.

Autumn 2000. Runeaxe began coding barbarians. He removed aggression skill and made frenzy. Shinarae coded looting and burning skill.
Reputation was installed 16th of november 2000. Level requirements were removed and changed to rep requirements.
Also two quests were installed soon after that: Help Madison and Stay Alive. Reputation scales were tweaked to be bigger when it had been in a game only week.

Jan 17 2001. Fizzl installed Cevi village quest

March 2001. Rep was changed so that it gives same rep for all barbarians in party.
No more need to compete who is fastest burner. May 16 2001 rep scale and titles were changed again.

Aug 22 2001. Barbarian arena "defeat xx" quests were removed (except defeat Oogga which isn't at arena) and changed to +rep once/boot.

Feb 04 2002. Barbaric ways skill was linked to rep (you need now 50k rep to be able to train 100 bways)