List of Quests by Level

Level 2 Quest Room
Level 4 City Tour
Level 5 Visit
Level 7 View Artwork
Level 8:
Balloon Ride
Level 9 Kobold Staff
Level 11 St. Patric's Abbey
Level 13 Kitty
Level 14 Acquire Documents
Level 15 Help the Hobbit
Level 16 Black Butterfly
Level 17
Rob Vault
Level 18 Manhunt
Level 19 Sewer Ring
Level 20 Register
Level 21 Rules 101
Level 22 Explore10
Level 23 Help Liezeb
Level 24 Zoy's Inn
Level 25
Save Secladin Village
Level 26 Jarear's Assignments
Level 27 Colours
Level 28 Robes of Time
Level 29 King
Level 30 Rescue Dorian
Level 31 Gong
Level 32 Wicked witch
Level 35 Help the Baron
Level 37 Save the Princess Daisy
Level 38 Vulcan
Level 39 Enchanted Cloak
Level 40 Sacrifice Staff
Level 41 Shrine Search
Level 42 Jim Corbett
Level 44 Holy Grail
Level 45 Victi Vicimus
Level 46 Return the Chest
Level 47 Master Hunter
Level 48 Successor of Province
Level 49 Ivory Blades
Level 50 Machine
Level 51 Magic Tower
Level 52 Return the Amulet
Level 53 Shamanic Deed
Level 55 The Mythical Frostblade
Level 57 Rescue patrol
Level 60 Zonni Statue
Level 61 Stonehenge
Level 62 Challenge Kurya
Level 65 Rescue Lady
Level 67 Help Lady Elberiel
Level 69 The Horsehead Mountain
Level 70 Silver Battlesuit
Level 71 The Ritual of Sacrifice
Level 73 Liberation
Level 75 Enchanted Forest
Level 76 Save Duzelton
Level 77 Explore70
Level 79
Thief Quest
Win Assassination Game
Level 80 The Savage Coast
Level 81 Ndoki Forest
Level 82 Assassinate the Fairy Queen
Level 83 Tides of War
Level 84 Inner Sanctium of Magerathia
Level 85 Flying Citidel
Level 87 Explore80
Level 88 The Valley of the Kings
Level 90 Assassin Quest

Quest Descriptions

Level 2
Quest Quest room
Difficulty Easy
Creator Alaron
Description One's life as an explorer has to start somewhere, so this quest is a simple one to get young players going: find the quest room. Since you are reading this, you have already completed it. Congrats!

Level 4
Quest City tour
Difficulty Easy
Creator Alaron
Description One of the best ways to get to know ones way around the BatCity is to go on the tour offered by the tour guide 1 east from the altar in the BatCity church. This quest is simple: take the complete tour.

Level 5
Quest Visit
Difficulty Easy
Creator Alaron
Description There is no better way to get used to moving around BatCity than by having to find several locations around it, with only the 'map' command to aid you. Visit 5 out of 6 of the following locations:
      Roulette wheel
      Hospital entrance hall
      Tinker's Toolshop
      Swimming pool entrance
      Art Gallery
At each location, type 'tour visitor'.

Level 7
Quest View artwork
Difficulty Easy
Creator Alaron
Description Over the years, many players of this mud have created innovative login screens, which are used at random. Visit the art gallery in town, and view them all.

Level 8
Quest Statue
Difficulty Not very hard
Creator Nym
Description The Guardian of Kara-Tur used to stand mightily at the entrance to the great realm. Evil invaded the once-fair land of Kara-Tur, and the guardian was forced to flee to the land of the Ochimos, or Spirit Warriors. The evil invaders of Kara-Tur feared the Guardian would lead a rebellion so they turned him into a statue, broke the pieces, and scattered them throughout the land of the Ochimos. Collect all the missing parts are restore the Guardian.

Original Creator: Kip

Level 8
Quest Balloon ride
Difficulty Easy
Creator Malitrius
Description A good way to get used to the BATmud worldmap is to hire Conor's balloon and explore it from above. Fly the balloon from his base in BATcity to his base in Shadowkeep. Newbies can hire the balloon for 500 gold coins. The base in BATcity is in the southeast corner.

Level 9
Quest Kobold staff
Difficulty Not very hard
Creator Rock
Description The mines which are the lifeblood of D'Hregal have been overrun by vicious kobolds. Rid the mines of that menace and bring proof to the town's overseer.

Level 11
Quest St. patric's abbey
Difficulty Not very hard
Creator Blashyrkh
Description St. Patric's island is an island just outside the coast of Renardy. An old abbey is located on the island. Monks have been troubled lately with goblins who infest their catacombs and steal from their abbey. So they try to find some brave adventures that can take care of the problem. They are desperate to get the shrine of St. Leowan back that was stolen in a recent raid by goblins.

Level 13
Quest Kitty
Difficulty Easy
Creator Shadowjack
Description A little girl in BatCity has lost her kitty cat. Maybe there is something you could do.

Level 14
Quest Acquire documents
Difficulty Easy
Creator Neth & Enandor
Quest Location Western Laenor
Description Valuable documents were stolen from lord Daemoor and he sent his scout Ilieth to track thieves down. Find Ilieth and get back documents which were stolen.

Level 15
Quest Help the hobbit
Difficulty Easy
Creator Malar
Description The hobbit grandmother in the old oak forest has trouble sleeping. Cook a potion for her to help her sleep.

Level 16
Quest Black butterfly
Difficulty Not very hard
Creator Tonze
Description Among the all colourful butterflies lives one with no colour. The Black one, as it is called among the others, is sad. It wants to be a colourful and respected member of its race. Find five different droplets of colour and give them to the Black one to ease its pain.

Level 17
Quest Platter
Difficulty Easy
Creator Digga
Description The ranger in Digga's Newbie Area has a task for you to complete regarding a silver platter.

Level 17
Quest Rob vault
Difficulty Not very hard
Creator Tonze
Description There is a vault somewhere in the dungeon near the player valley. Kill the vault guardian and the quest is completed.

Level 18
Quest Manhunt
Difficulty Not very hard
Creator Eredlin
You see a big wanted poster:
o===========================================o || || || WANTED: DEAD, PREFERABLY IN PIECES || || || || NOTORIOUS OUTLAW: BILLY BOB JACK || || || || || || FOR HEINOUS CRIMES IN THE TOWN OF || || HUGOVILLE || || || || BRING HIS SWORD BACK TO THE SHERIFF AS || || PROOF OF DEATH || || || || REWARD: levelquest 18 || o===========================================o

Level 19
Quest Sewer ring
Difficulty Challenging
Creator Alaron
Description Under the streets of BatCity lie the old sewers, in which dwell many repugnant creatures. They were built in a haphazard way over the ages, resulting in a complex maze. It is rumoured that a special type of ring can be made down there.

Level 20
Quest Register
Difficulty Easy
Creator Mordac
Description Get a registration certificate from the registration clerk wandering around the city.

Level 21
Quest Rules 101
Difficulty Easy
Creator Kimvais
Description You must read and comprehend the 'rules'-help file.

Level 22
Quest Explore10
Difficulty Not very hard
Creator Alaron
Description The true players are those who know the lands in which they reside. Those that have seen at least 10% of the lands in this world qualify for this award as burgeonning explorers. Return to this place to receive it.

Level 23
Quest Help liezeb
Difficulty Not very hard
Creator Malar
Description A druid named Liezeb has some problems he wants taken care of. He is a friend of nature and has many things to think about and he wants you to help him out. Seek him out and see what needs to be done. You can find him in the Beastlands.

Level 24
Quest Zoy's inn
Difficulty Easy
Creator Hablo
Description A retired sea captain residing in Zoy's Inn was recently ambushed by a group of bandits. The hardened captain managed to escape the struggle with his life intact, but he lost three of his most valuable treasures to the attackers in the process. Help the captain to retrieve his belongings.

Level 25
Quest Roulette
Difficulty Not very hard
Creator Anipa
Description There are many diversions offered in locations throughout BatCity, including a roulette table. Familiarize yourself with it, and then see if you can win 100k gold using it.

Level 25
Quest Save secladin village
Difficulty Not very hard
Creator Melemkor
Description Some strange and foul magic is settling upon the village of Secladin. You must go there, discover what is happening, and destroy the source of the evil.

Level 26
Quest Jarear's assignments
Difficulty Easy
Creator Hackop
Description The newbie taskmaster, Jarear, has been having some problems lately. The areas that are under his watch are in need of adventurers' help. He needs willing hands and minds to assist in solving his tasks. Go to him and see what needs to be done.

Level 27
Quest Colours
Difficulty Challenging
Creator Scrambler
Description Find Joseph and solve the riddle of the colours. Be prepared as you will need all your strength, dexterity, agility and wisdom to solve the riddles. Rumours say that few adventurers have returned victorious and that only the good of heart have been able to stand the challenge.

Level 28
Quest Robes of time
Difficulty Not very hard
Creator Perin
Description In a cruel twist of fate the life of young Dumas ended. When the god Perin saw this event unfolding he knew that he could not let this tragic event transpire without devine intervention. Perin took the dying form of Dumas and stripped it of all its worldly garments. Around the crushed, naked form Perin forced stones to rise from the ground, creating a huge megalithic structure that would forever mark the grave of a great young man. Perin then took the almost lifeless body and incased it in stone, creating a statue to honor the now sainted Dumas. From the garments Perin used godly magic to intertwined the forces of time and nature to create robes that would teach the lesson that Saint Dumas had to teach. To honor the dead collect all of the robes of time and offer them to the statue of Saint Dumas.

Level 29
Quest King
Difficulty Not very hard
Creator Ilendir
Description A time ago an oracle from the mythical valley walked through batcity asking its people for help. The oracle said that the king of her lands was under a powerful curse. This left him and his valley in ruin. Evil now flows through the land and needs to be curbed. The oracle is requesting people of this land to help the blighted valley from being overwhelmed by this evil curse. The king must be freed!

Level 30
Quest Rescue dorian
Difficulty Not very hard
Creator Gront
Description The villager of Kaveril in uplands of Dunamor are living in hard times. The village has been harassed by strange evil creatures, which attack the village in the dark hours of the night. The last attack happened not so long ago, and the villagers were, as usual, helpless against the powerful enemy. When the morning came, a girl named Dorian was missing. The officials have rejected Kaveril's plea for help, but maybe you could aid those poor villagers ? If you feel you can help them even a little bit, seek out for more information in Dunamor. Kaveril needs all the help it can get!

Level 31
Quest Gong
Difficulty Not very hard
Creator Anipa
Description Somewhere in BatCity is a magical gong, which is rumoured to have the ability to teleport people anywhere in the land. See if you can hit the gong 5 times in 30 minutes. Be forwarned that the usual aids to travel will not be available to you.

Level 32
Quest Wicked witch
Difficulty Not very hard
Creator Heidel
Description The inquisition has made its way into the small village of Stouby. They have captured the wicked witch, who just recently started really harrassing the good people of the village. Your task, should you take it, is to free this witch, for the sake of evil.

Level 35
Quest Help the baron
Difficulty Not very hard
Creator Kimvais
Description The Baron de le Bigeaul has a problem. Find him and ask if he needs any help with it.

Level 37
Quest Save the princess daisy
Difficulty Not very hard
Creator Zin
Description Princess Daisy, the daughter of King Eowyn has been captured by dragons. You must rescue the princess and slay the dragons. King Eowyn will give you more instructions.

Level 38
Quest Vulcan
Difficulty Not very hard
Creator Dinin
Description It is rumored that the great god Vulcan is in need of mortal aid. Seek him out in his volcano home and help him.

Level 39
Quest Enchanted cloak
Difficulty Not very hard
Creator Coren
Description There is a blind old mage that lies at the bottom of a well. The well in turn is the property of some giants. The mage is in need of a new apprentice, some servants, and a little help in general Seek out this blind mage and offer your services to him. In doing so you will not only help the needy but also better yourself. while seeking the mage avoid all unnecessary combat. Be at one with the world. For there is harmony in nature after all.

Level 40
Quest Sacrifice staff
Difficulty Not very hard
Creator Eredlin
Description A loud voice booms out of the darkness and the sheer force of the speech drives you to your knees. It says: My most despicable servant, there are those in this land that are foolish enough to oppose my power. Those, such as the foolish lords locked within their little keep at Revelstone have proved to be a thorn in my foot. Whether or not you fulfill this duty I will crush them underfoot. However, if you seize the Staff of Law from the dead body of the High Lord and sacrifice it to me on the altar in the breeding pits beneath my castle I will look upon you with great favor. Heed this well, for I will not speak again.

Level 41
Quest Shrine search
Difficulty Challenging
Creator Bj
Description Over the many millennia the number of races have grown greatly. So many and so fast have the races grown that the god Anipa has lost count. Your task is to appease Anipa by counting the number of races. The only way to accomplish this feat is to visit each of the race shrines. When you have completed your task Anipa will be appeased and all BatMud will honor you for your heroic deed. You may type `status shrine' in the quest room to see how many you need.

Level 42
Quest Jim corbett
Difficulty Not very hard
Creator Souc
Description Jim has lost some of his valuable possessings during his hunt for the man-eater. There is a note in the inspection bungalow which explains the details.

Level 44
Quest Holy grail
Difficulty Not very hard
Creator Sciurine
Description King Arthur is searching for brave adventurers to help him find the most Holy Grail and make the land whole. Search in Dranthrax's ancient area for hints of the sacred cup.

Level 45
Quest Victi vicimus
Difficulty Challenging
Creator Superelak
Description One of the most ancient forms of entertainment in the history of civilization is to watch two or more protagonists compete against each other, in one way or another. Some competitions are rather harmless, others demand higher stakes. Some contests are not considered finished until every participant except the victor have paid with their lives. This is usually the harsh reality for a gladiator, and there is only one way to overcome - to still be standing when the fight is over, although the odds are literally laughing you in the face.

Level 46
Quest Return the chest
Difficulty Not very hard
Creator Zith
Description The city of Stagira is having an unusual problem. The city has been attacked by an army of birds, this not being the only problem. A long time ago the city was given a chest containing a powerful object to be guarded, now the chest has vanished. To make things worse its head guardian, the city mayor Ard Nio has disappeared too.

Level 47
Quest Master hunter
Difficulty Challenging
Creator Heidel
Description Dr Benedict Livingstone has started a new business after his retirement. He is now seeking for brave mortals to hunt some of the strange beasts that inhabit the outerworld. 'Tell livingstone help' to get more info about hunting. To complete the quest, you must hunt animals worth 250 points.

Level 48
Quest Successor of province
Difficulty Challenging
Creator Darol
Description The respected count, the warhero who suppressed the rebellion and protected the city of Rilynt'tar from an attack has perished. The ship that was taking him to Lorenchia was shipwrecked. They will be mourned not only by the citizens of the province, but also by four boys and a daughter. The death of the count has aroused thought among the citizens who will become the next successor. If the next successor is to be selected amongst the warmongering boys, the poverty shall continue. Your task is to investigate if there's anything you can do to help the poor citizens.

Level 49
Quest Ivory blades
Difficulty Very hard
Creator Finaldey
Description It is rumored that Mememmon the former Court Magician of the Castle Halberdheath created two blades of ivory for his master, Fergus the Majestic. These blades have been lost for centuries now. If you could retrieve the blades and show your deed to the castle's goddess, you'd be rewarded.

Level 50
Quest Machine
Difficulty Not very hard
Creator Eredlin
Description You glance at a newspaper clipping that talks about the attempts of Cruella von Huber to build a machine that turns mowgles into gold. All the financial experts agree that this would cause the financial ruin of all of BatMud. You think that it would be a wonderful thing to find this half-built machine and destroy it.

Level 51
Quest Magic tower
Difficulty Not very hard
Creator Digga
Description Astral and Otto, both of the city of Raven, are having a problem with the project of fixing the The Magic Tower. Help them overcome their difficulties and restore the tower!

Level 52
Quest Return the amulet
Difficulty Not very hard
Creator Eredlin
Description A while ago an elven messenger rushed to the BatCity. He was carrying a strange message. The message was written in an ancient elven dialect that was forgotten a long time ago, but some of the older elves in the BatCity figured out that the messages was somekind of request for help. When they tried to ask from the messenger where he was from, he said something that nobody understood and pointed towards south.

Level 53
Quest Shamanic deed
Difficulty Very hard
Creator Dino
Description The shaman of the taiga has gotten himself into a trouble with the god of the valley. Find out what you can do to save him from the wrath of Pecko, and become one of the shamans of the taiga.

Level 55
Quest The mythical frostblade
Difficulty Not very hard
Creator Raunk
Description Legend tells of a once powerful Ice Mage who on his death bed, transfered his magical powers into a finely crafted blade. Many years after his death the blade became a legend, claiming that he who wielded it gained instant respect and hero status. Passed on from generation to generation, the blade became the ultimate hope for the people of the land. One dark day a mysterious, evil Citadel appeared, Delarose the most recent of the decendants to inherit the blade of ice went off to investigate the strange Citadel. Never seen nor heard from again, rumours tell of a mighty Draconian lord killing the noble Delarose. If legend holds true, the blade of ice was hidden away so that its powers could never be used again. The land needs a hero, a noble champion, find the Mythical Frostblade and lead the realm into a new dawn.

Level 57
Quest Rescue patrol
Difficulty Challenging
Creator Hablo
Description A cry for help has been heard from the forest below the bleak slopes of the Blackteeth Mountains. A group of elves has disappeared while investigating the cause for the strange weather that has pestered region lately. Two brothers of an elven maiden named Fanthalion were with the group and no word has been heard of them. Fanthalion is certain that they are still alive, and wishes to find them, as they are the only family she has left.

Level 60
Quest Zonni statue
Difficulty Not very hard
Creator Shadowjack
Description Help event zonni statue Make whole the statue of Zonni and he will reward you.

Level 61
Quest Stonehenge
Difficulty Challenging
Creator Malitrius
Description Something strange has happened around the stonehenge. All the druids are gone and a shadow has fallen upon the valley where its located, near the Volcano. Remove the curse and you'll be awarded the quest. Groa might be one good source for information, along with some others.

Level 62
Quest Challenge kurya
Difficulty Very hard
Creator Shinarae
Description The citizens of Rilynt'tar, far to the south and east, have been raided recently by orcs wearing what appear to be oriental arms and armour. While these attacks are infrequent, they are taking their toll on the local businessmen who need assistance. The orcs seem to acknowledge one called 'Kurya' as their leader. If he were challenged to an honourable fight and beaten, his troops would be shamed into defeat. Individual achievement is highly valued by the orcish community, so anyone trying to defeat this 'Kurya' should do as much as possible themselves.

Level 65
Quest Rescue lady
Difficulty Challenging
Creator Shadowjack
Description The evil lizards of the Great Northern Swamp have imprisoned the lovely daughter of Minax, the elven sorceror. She lies imprisoned somewhere in the dungeons of the great frog god's temple. Original Creator: Zonni

Level 67
Quest Help lady elberiel
Difficulty Very hard
Creator Rillion
Description At the northern mountains you can find the troubled Majesty Lady Elberiel. Her tale is a sad one, she mourns for her King who has gone in search of the Tisau, circlet of power. If you wish to try and help the Lady you should start with seeking her and reading the Book of Time.

Level 69
Quest The horsehead mountain
Difficulty Very hard
Creator Malitrius
Description Wicked gods have begun to gather forces so they can march against Bat City. You must find their dimension and stop them at any cost.

Level 70
Quest Silver battlesuit
Difficulty Very hard
Creator Digga
Description A century ago, Nibor the paladin went to rid Digga's realm of the evil demon, Raztax who had been creating a vast army of undead. He destroyed much of the army because his god given armor, the Silver Battlesuit, protected him. Unfortunately, Raztax killed Nibor in their terrible duel and the final spell broke the armor into seven pieces, and each was scattered in the surrounding countryside. Raztax was hurt so terribly he had to rest for decades to gain his strength back to try once again to become overlord of all the realms. Today, the city of Raven has been built on the site of the legendary battle. Raven, along with many other areas of the world is having a lot of trouble with evil influences...the world needs a new champion! What is a champion without a suit of magical armor, right? Your quest is to find all seven pieces of the Silver Battlesuit and discover the one person who can restore it to its former glory!

Level 71
Quest The ritual of sacrifice
Difficulty Very hard
Creator Grimsh
Description The gods always urge for sacrifices of mortals. One of the greatest sacrifices a mortal can do is to preform the Ritual of Sacrifice. According to legends this ancient ritual has only been performed once by a king named William Amberley, but he died instantly after completing the ritual. All books and scrolls about his doing and his research about the ritual was removed and hidden by someone of the family. They are still supposed to exist within the Amberley Mansion, but no one has been able to find them.

Level 73
Quest Liberation
Difficulty Very hard
Creator Nym
Description Your job is to free the defenders of Kara-Tur.

Level 75
Quest Enchanted forest
Difficulty Very hard
Creator Ikar
Description The enchanted forest has raised its cry against the evil goblin invaders, who have ravaged much of the land. Your quest is to find a way to drive the army back and restore the elven royal family to power.

Level 76
Quest Save duzelton
Difficulty Very hard
Creator Madrid
Description The city of Duzelton is being flooded by a terrible monster. Go there and learn how to stop this evil act and save the Duzes.

Level 77
Quest Explore70
Difficulty Challenging
Creator Pahvi
Description The true players are those who know the lands in which they reside. Those that have seen at least 70% of the lands in this world qualify for this award as veteran explorers. Return to this place to receive it.

Level 79
Quest Thief quest
Difficulty IMPOSSIBLE!
Creator Shinarae
Description Prove that you can rob monsters, plunder vaults, and explore secret treasure troves with the best of them by completing a long, challenging sequence of daring raids. More information is kept with a notable villain somewhere in the world. Note that this quest is _NOT_ restricted to thieves only.

Level 79
Quest Win assassination game
Difficulty Very hard
Creator Elwood
Description Win an Assassination Game. When you hear the Assassin declare a new game, go to the southeastern part of BatCity to find the registration room.

Level 80
Quest The savage coast
Difficulty Very hard
Creator Malitrius
Description The history of the Savage Coast is brutal. It's been plagued by wars, orcs and mad magicians for many millennia. And now goblinoids raid the shores again. They rape the women and kill their men. Trolls are eating their children and ogres are stomping all beautiful flowers. Rumours say that they are coming from the continent east from the batcontinent, Renardy. Abrahim have put up an award for whoever stops this insanity, the fabled Felidae amulet. Scouts has been sent to Renardy and some have returned with grim tidings. The Renardy continent is infested by the goblinoids, they are everywhere. And there are quite a few, very powerful leaders over there. Scouts have scouted a few of them: Vomitskrag, Bloodgobbler, Gorrbad and Gorrgfang. But maybe it's to early to make the conclusion that they are the leaders behind all this madness. One scout found a dying slave. Little was understood of his insane mumbling. But he talked about a black fortress connected to a deep mine. Yet another scout found a mad sailor, the sailor mumbled about a beautiful white citadel with dragons and a beautiful sorceress. Stop this madness and find the true source of the evil.

Level 81
Quest Ndoki forest
Difficulty Very hard
Creator Cyberman
Description The friendly people of the Bantu village have long been tortured by an evil sorcerer. You must free them from the oppression by finding a cure for the illness that is killing their people. You better be cautious, several players have tried to solve this quest and failed. However, one of them left his diary to the natives of the village, you could find precious hints in that diary.

Level 82
Quest Assassinate the fairy queen
Difficulty Challenging
Creator Heidel
Description In the fairy forest lives the fairy queen, in her great castle. Do whatever is needed to get the nine black masks that will let you into her castle, and slay the fairy queen in her full, dark glory.

Level 83
Quest Tides of war
Difficulty Challenging
Creator Runeaxe
Description Two isles, on each a different society, living at the verge of war. The situation is growing tense, although both sides possess formidable military might, either have yet to launch a first strike.

The leader of the west society, Hammerhorn, is a stern dwarf taught to hate their eastern counterpart from birth.

The eastern leader of Bloodfall is a ruthless minotaur sworn to crush and conquer.

Strangely, they are wise enough to believe that the total annihiliation of both societies would be imminent shortly after the first arrow flies.

The realm is at balance - terror balance.

The evil reptile God of Harming; Burglefloogah, would like nothing more than to disrupt this balance and throw the realm into full scale war - a state of complete chaos.

But something is holding him back, something as powerful as he, an ancient power influencing the leaders and upholding the stability - the balance.

The stage is set. If whoever it is upholding the balance were to be cast away, all it would need is a few mortals to create ripples in the water... and the tides of war shall be set forth.

Level 84
Quest Inner sanctium of magerathia
Difficulty IMPOSSIBLE!
Creator Elwood
Description Enter the ancient Temple of Magerathia, find the Inner Sanctium, and solve the challenges that await you.

Level 85
Quest Flying citadel
Difficulty Very hard
Creator Lanfear
Description Rounce the gully dwarf has been kicked out of the Flying Citadel and the Dragon Highlord Kitiara has taken control of it. Rounce is very unhappy and he wants the citadel back. He waits about 80 west from the west gate of BatCity. You can go there and talk to him and he will tell you all his sorrows.

Level 87
Quest Explore80
Difficulty Very hard
Creator Alaron
Description The true players are those who know the lands in which they reside. Those that have seen at least 80% of the lands in this world qualify for this award as veteran explorers. Return to this place to receive it.

Level 88
Quest The valley of the kings
Difficulty IMPOSSIBLE!
Creator Dino
Description The valley of the kings is and has always been, a mystical place. People come and people go, but the valley stays. Some things are remembered, some are forgotten. Find out and create the history of the valley, fill up the missing parts. A wizard called Liscom in the valley wants to know the truth. Ask him about the details.

Level 90
Quest Assassin quest
Difficulty IMPOSSIBLE!
Creator Shinarae
Description Prove that you can evade traps, elude guards, and kill well-protected monster targets better than anyone by completing a long, difficult series of assassinations. More information is kept with a notable villain somewhere in the world. Note that his quest is _NOT_ restricted to assassins only.