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Recall previous/next keys (RECALLB/RECALLF, default ^P and ^N)
Recall beginning/end keys (RECALLBEG/RECALLEND, default ^[< and ^[>)
Search backward/forward keys (SEARCHB/SEARCHF, default ^[p and ^[n)

TinyFugue stores lines in 4 different types of history lists. Input history records the last 100 non-repeated commands from the keyboard, including the current line. Each world has a world history, which stores 1000 lines of output from that world. Local history stores 100 lines of output generated by TF, i.e. anything that didn't come from a world. Global history is an integrated list of 1000 lines from TF and every world. The history sizes can be changed with the /histsize command and the %{histsize} variable.

/recall is used to display text from any of the history lists. The /quote command may be used to quote out of any history list using the /quote # feature.

Typing ^string1^string2 finds the last command in the input history containing string1, replaces string1 with string2, and executes the modified line.

The recall keys replace the current input with a line from the input history list. See /dokey for details.

See also /log.

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