/GAG [pattern [=response]]

Creates a macro which will trigger on text matching pattern and prevent it from being displayed, optionally executing response.

With no arguments, /gag sets the flag %{gag} to 1 (on). This flag enables the gag attribute on triggers. It is on by default.

The matching style of the gag pattern is determined by %{matching}. The priority of the gag is determined by %{gpri}. These variables are examined when the gag is defined, not when it is executed.

Gagged lines from background worlds will not set the activity indicator on the status line or call the activity hook.

If /gag does not create a new macro, it returns 0. Otherwise, it returns the number of the new macro (useful in /undefn and /edit).

/gag pattern [= response]
is equivalent to
/def -ag -t"pattern" [= response].

See: triggers, patterns, evaluation, %gag, /def, /nogag

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