/FG [-nsq<>l] [-cN] [world]

Bring the socket associated with world into the foreground. The world must already be connected with the /connect command. Any lines that arrived while the socket was in the background will be displayed or counted in the more prompt, unless the -q option is given.

/fg Options:

no socket: put all sockets in the background.
suppress error messages.
previous socket in cycle.
next socket in cycle.
Repeat the -< or -> option N times.
quiet: jump to the last screenful of text, instead of starting at the same location you were at the last time the socket was in the foreground.

If successful, /fg returns nonzero and invokes the WORLD hook; otherwise, it returns 0.

By default, /fg draws a dividing line between old and new text. If you would prefer no dividing line, or clearing old text, this can be configured with %textdiv.

/bg puts all sockets in the background, and is equivalent to /fg -n. By default, /bg is bound to the ^] key (not ESC, which is ^[)

See: /connect, worlds, sockets, %textdiv, %textdiv_str.

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