Here are some words of wisdom from the wailing voices from the maelstroms that appear on level 10 of the kharim guild. Look out for the '*' on the map, go stand there at the maelstrom, and it will suck you in and impart some wisdom, then spit you back out again.

A faint voice whispers 'The subject I wish to tell you is: Night-dwellers'
A faint voice whispers 'There are many kinds of lurkers taking advantage of the dark. Some dwellers depend on it, while some people generally just prefer to stay in the shadows. The thieves often stay in the shadows to avoid getting caught and the assassins wait for the night so that there would be fewer eyes to witness their murders.'
A faint voice whispers 'The spawns of chaos belong to the latter group as they are chaotic creatures who detest light. There are also those travellers of the night who are affected by nocturnal charms and as long as the night lasts, they may not be harmed by the forces of darkness. Such cultists of Kharim are meek in daylight, but formidable adversaries when given the chance to act at night.'

A faint voice whispers 'The subject I wish to tell you is: The Secrets of Swordcrafting'
A faint voice whispers 'The many legionaries of Kharim wield their chaos swords. They are regarded to be an instrument of true power, a weapon so magnificent that takes advantage of chaos better than any other weapon. While these weapons possess high potential, they are incredibly difficult to forge and it takes a lot of time to just get to know one's sword properly. The legionaries wield their sword to learn the properties of the sword before they even bind any souls in it.'
A faint voice whispers 'Swords never last for eternity, but still they are built to last for long times. That's why the swords are usually made from the best material there is available. The swords require a lot of material, because a very big amount of the material is used in the crafting process. The more there is material, the more there is to waste in experiments. Some decorative ritual swords have been crafted from lacking amount of material, but they are generally used to control chaos when casting spells.'
A faint voice whispers 'To have a chance to build any kind of proper combat sword, even a short blade, it would be advised to use at least 60 kilogrammes of materials to have a chance to make a good sword. Even higher amount is advised. While the sufficient amount of material is required, it doesn't guarantee the quality of the sword and neither does the excess material.'
A faint voice whispers 'The swordcrafting consists of four different phases that all take certain amount of time to make. It is difficult to estimate how long each phase takes, because each phase depends on several factors. The length of heat treating process, which is one of the most important ones, however is decided by the swordsmith or by his customers. For a chance to even have a proper combat sword, usually twenty to twentyfive hours are needed for heat treatment. For the most unique swords, even more hours are used, but the work becomes very delicate and it is difficult to gain the same benefit from exceeding hours.'
A faint voice whispers 'The subject I wish to tell you is: Chaos evolution'
A faint voice whispers 'When the chaos sword is crafted it may gain evolutionary powers. This means qualities that do not exist in ordinary swords. For this reason, special items are used in the swordcrafting process to make evolutionary powers possible. It is very common that chaotic evolution process leads into a failure, because chaos is very difficult to control and there's only the tiniest probability to succeed.'
A faint voice whispers 'It is impossible to tell which items react to each other and in which manner. This following lecture however will tell something about the nature of evolution. An item may have any of the three roles during the evolution process. It may act as a chaotic source, as a catalyst or as a power.'
A faint voice whispers 'The chaotic source is the determining factor what kind of powers the sword may gain. The chaotic source however doesn't determine how effective the evolutionary trait is. The effectiveness of the chaotic source is determined by the item that acts as a power. Therefore it means that a single item will never determine the true outcome. But neither chaotic source or power are as important as the catalyst. The catalyst is needed to create an effect and if catalyst doesn't work properly, then the sword will not gain any evolutionary traits. This is the most common reason why the evolution process fails.'
A faint voice whispers 'Not much is known about the evolution process, but chaos artificers claim that similar compounds of catalysts, powers or sources may reduce the probability of chaotic evolution. There may be other things to know, but it is incredibly difficult to learn much of the process.'
A faint voice whispers 'The subject I wish to tell you is: Shield combat'
A faint voice whispers 'The use of shields is taught by legionary and flanker trainers. Shield is a vital part of situational warfare, which means adaptation to different kinds of combat situations. The shield combat style of the legionaries of Kharim is called as 'manner of lordliness' and it heavily depends on taking advantage of surroundings. Situational warfare works only if a weapon and a shield is wielded. Races with more than two hands may wield additional weapons as long as at least one shield is wielded. Even a person who has two hands may wield two shields, but the style can hardly be said to be effective. To learn efficient shield use, you will probably have to spend a lot of time.'
A faint voice whispers 'One of the closest bloodletters of Kharim, Delekaia, opened his combat arenas to those who joined to aid him in the quest for keys. Since then the legionaries of Kharim have carried keys to the infernal ticking device and hoped that Delekaia yet again grants them permission to enter the arenas that teach the secrets of situational warfare.'
A faint voice whispers 'The subject I wish to tell you is: The Maelstroms of Chaos'
A faint voice whispers 'The Hall of Thousand Voices is full of those who listen, but there are also those who wish to speak. And these souls that are trapped may attempt to speak. When these souls have something to tell, they unite and attempt to get their voices heard. It is said that such a spiritual act requires a lot of chaotic energy and is said to cause to air to sparkle. Sparkling energy creates maelstroms in air that call for the listeners.'
A faint voice whispers 'They are not to be afraid of as the souls are just wishing to talk. Many followers of Kharim choose to listen to the wise souls in order to learn more. Some even claim that it is required that people often listen to the souls as it makes them to understand deeper concepts of chaos. Before really learning to talk to the souls, one must first attempt to listen.'
A faint voice whispers 'The subject I wish to tell you is: Listening and Learning'
A faint voice whispers 'Teaching is not a very easy task to do. Not all good students are automatically good teachers. It is usually required that the teacher knows the subject that he teaches, but even that is not something that automatically makes person a good teacher. The greatest leaders communicate very well. When they give, commands, their commands are heard and understood. They usually also make good teachers as they have a natural gift to make themselves understood. It is said that the best teachers of chaotic concepts are vagrant dark templars who travel around the world and searching answers. Also, there is a lot you may learn from the wailing voices in the Hall of One Thousand Voices. So listen very carefully.'
A faint voice whispers 'The wailing voices are souls that are trapped in the Hall of One Thousand Voices and their purpose is to help us. We may ask them to grant us favours sometimes and they may listen to us if they choose so. While we may command the souls, we should also realize that we may learn a lot from them by listening to them. Sometimes it may be hard to know when the souls are willing to discuss. A good way to find active souls is to search for chaotic maelstroms that sparkle with electricity. It is said that by listening to the teachings of the wailing voices, one may understand the profoud concepts of chaos a lot better.'

A faint voice whispers 'The subject I wish to tell you is: Black Order of Blood'
A faint voice whispers 'The Black Order of Blood is an order meant to take care of the issues of the guild. These people get no reward for their services, but can sometimes help in many things.'
A faint voice whispers 'The most important things that the members of the Black Order of Blood can do is to reduce the debts that a legionary would owe to the guild's swordsmith. It's important to realize that this is something that the member of the order may do, if he/she thinks a misjustice has happened by accident.'
A faint voice whispers 'One thing a member of the Black Order may do is approve the detailed descriptions of the swords. They also have the power to rename the sword of a legionary should they find it profane.'

A faint voice whispers 'The subject I wish to tell you is: Leading Guild'
A faint voice whispers 'The bloodletters themselves have agreed that the legionaries of Kharim should be awarded in the case that they are esteemed worthy. Therefore Grazoi, the bloodletter of Kharim, was assigned an important task to supervise that the awards are announced to the legionaries directly when they've been bestowed. The only problem was that it was difficult to know, when the legionaries would be deemed worthy.'
A faint voice whispers 'After short time of contemplation, they decided that the guild was worthy of awards, if they would be able to compete with the other guilds of the realm and gain the leadership in the eyes of the others. What those awards would be, Grazoi personally decides what he sees to be best for everyone.'