Here is a list of the beastmaster quests, available from the poster in the guild hall. I have also listed the bonuses that I noticed. Who knows how correct they are and I may have missed some things, but this should give people an idea anyway, of whats available. If the 'Bonus' field is empty it means that I didn't complete that quest. If it has '???' that means that I didn't see any change in skills list or stats. I have a feeling that the bonuses are not given at a per-quest basis, but rather based on some scoring system. I have no proof of this however, just feels that way to me.

Joribund's Quests:

1: Cattle drive release 6 cows at once in front of Hans the Butcher in Ugly Joe's Restaurant ???
2: Marathon monster ride "a great distance" on a mount without feeding it, healing it, or having it drop from exhaustion, in a single trip ???
3: Pinched! successfully use guided strike while riding a crab ???
4: Slumped in the saddle die rather than be dismounted +2 cha, +1 combat riding, +1 feral attack, +1 guided strike, +1 riding, +1 tame mount
5: Good shepherd tame 10 sheep in a single day ???
6: Great white bison find and tame the rare white buffalo
7: Eenie meenie minie moe release a tiger into one of the tiger guild altar rooms ???
8: Dragon steaks get raw meat from the corpse of a large dragon
9: Gator wrasslin calm an aggro alligator ???
10: Shouldn't there be steam or something? teach a fire drake to ride through frost, and an ice drake to ride through fire, on the same day ???
11: The virgin plains find and tame a unicorn ???
12: Kodiak moment feed a raw salmon to a wild grizzly bear ???
13: Oasis on legs release a swampmonster into the desert ???
14: *burp* feed a live Digga bunny to a wolf ???
15: Never forget to show no fear trample a mouse to death with an elephant ???
16: Is this what you're looking for? release a fox in the Fox Hunt Master's room +2 cha, +1 combat riding, +1 feral attack, +1 guided strike, +1 riding, +1 tame mount
17: Only seven to go tame a reindeer in winter ???
18: On a grand scale tame 10 reptilian mounts on the same day ???
19: Stung! successfully use guided strike while riding a scorpion ???
20: Dark wings of doom tame an adult chaos drake (this one will be VERY tricky) ???
21: Sashimi butcher raw meat from a fish ???
22: Cold fuzz butcher polar bear fur ???
23: Getting rammy in town create a goat stampede in the city streets +2 cha, +1 combat riding, +1 guided strike, +1 riding, +1 tame mount
24: If you can't find a cliff... release 6 lemmings at once in the Arelium city Rat Collector's office ???
25: Everybody must get stoned tame a basilisk ???
26: Oh my! tame a lion, a tiger, and a bear in a single day ???
27: Snake charmer release 5 snakes at once into any major city ???
28: Cavalicious butcher any of the special horses ridden by the cavalier challengers ???
29: Give Me a Home release a deer or antelope into the newbie playground ???
30: You don't know Jacques use rebuke to skillbreak a shark ???
31: Cat fight use feral strike to put two felines against each other ???
32: I stepped in something trample a random corpse undead +2 cha, +1 combat riding, +1 feral attack, +1 guided strike, +1 riding, +1 tame mount
33: Season's eatings make mount feed out of lingonberries and mistletoe ???
34: Thar she blows tame a whale +2 cha, +1 combat riding, +1 guided strike, +1 riding, +1 tame mount
35: Armor plated use ride through pain on a turtle or tortoise ???
36: Mythic wings tame a griffon and chimera on the same day ???
37: Monkey business feed a banana to a gorilla ???
38: Exotic pets tame 5 different mounts found in areas on the same day ???
39: X-mount use feral strike with a wolverine ???
40: You got flocked tame 10 birds in a single day ???
41: Stay down! get a ride underground permanent success ???
42: Get the flock in there use ride underground on 3 different birds in 100 seconds ???
43: Numb and number raise a mount's physical resistance to max with ride through pain ???
44: Schooled tame 10 fish in a single day ???
45: Strawberry jelly feed a strawberry to a jellyfish ???
46: Wearing o' the green make mount feed out of cabbage and potato ???
47: Faster than usual release a sloth on a ferry ???
48: Enter night refit nullium barding for a chaos drake ???
49: Hey Booboo! stampede 2 or more bears at an NPC ranger ???
50: Bones and stones butcher a basilisk skull ???
51: Taking pride in your work calm an aggressive lion ???
52: Scratching post force a cat to claw up a plant enemy ???
53: When a problem comes along, you must whip it successfully rebuke a large monster ???
54: Chew toy refit a bone bridle for a canine ???
55: Grain-fed make mount feed from corn and wheat ???
56: Stomp it out! get a rhino to trample a fire elemental ???
57: The tail's the best part butcher an alligator tail ???
58: Boared evaluate a tamed pig +2 cha, +1 guided strike, +1 riding, +1 tame mount
59: Death march of the penguins lead a 5-penguin stampede attack +2 cha, +1 combat riding, +1 feral attack, +1 guided strike, +1 riding, +1 tame mount
60: I'm the best at what I do calm an aggressive wolverine ???
61: Poke in the eye successfully rebuke an NPC cyclops ???
62: Dirty needles force a tamed beast to use a poison sting attack ???
63: They are kind of related force an orca to attack an orc ???
64: Monkey style force a monkey/ape attack on a monk ???
65: Shmuzin for a bruizin evaluate 5 different NPC centaurs in one day