Very hard Area quests

Here is an alphabetical list of Very hard area quests.

Name Dragonscale armour
Difficulty Very hard
Creator Dire
Description A certain dwarven pubkeeper named Dragnir yearns for a suit of dragonscale armour.

Name Elementalist
Difficulty Very hard
Creator Nym
Description Defeat the elementalist who has corrupted the giants.

Name Four elements
Difficulty Very hard
Creator Malitrius
Description In a secluded valley far south from Grimoor's Lord of Chaos guild stand four towers. They go under the name elemental towers. Four wizards used to live there, one for each element. Their names where Toreador, Droevigger, Fiathiriel and Lechart. They were all apprentices of Rechendak and specialized in wind, fire, water and earth respectively. Each wizard was given a part of an enchanted armour when they had finished their apprenticeship for Rechendak. And Rechendak stated that when you four wizard manage to bring your elemental forces together to cooperate then you'll be able to be as powerful as him. Thats why they moved to the valley together. Years of research together ended up in failure. Being wizards of such opposite elements and living so close together tore their friendship apart and they left the valley one after the other. It's rumoured that they still visit their former home though. What never occured to them was that Rechendak meant that they would create one armour of their gifts. Recover armour pieces and create what was meant to be.

Name Free tarackia
Difficulty Very hard
Creator Entropy
Description Tarakia is located in a valley nestled between two barbaric civilizations. To the West, past the western mountains, lies a great desert occupied by a somewhat cultish thrikhren group. To the East of their valley rests a large swamp occupied by a war mongering clan of lizard men. Recently a combined lizard man and thrikhren army rushed into the valley from both directions and attacked the kingdom. The king's army was surprised by the two enemies working together and was defeated after a gallant fight. Although Tyranicus Karakurt, the leader of the lizard men had seized the valley, his victory was incomplete as king Edmund escaped capture. Now Tarakia is under martial law as the lizard men search for King Edmund. The only hope for saving the people of Tarakia from this scourge is for a brave group of adventurers to learn what they can in town as well as reach the king before the lizard men. With the information they learn from the king, as well as living through a few battles, they just might be able to reach Tyranicus and rid his evil presence from this beautiful land.

Name Free the ghost of seyed fairlonge
Difficulty Very hard
Creator Duke
Description The ghost of Seyed Fairlonge was entrapped by an evil necromancer. Thus, Seyed is cursed to forever be entrapped as a ghost upon this plane of existance. Free Seyed Fairlonge so that he may move on to a peaceful afterlife that knows none of horrible suffering he now endures.

Name Haunted mansion
Difficulty Very hard
Creator Shinarae
Description A researcher waits outside the mansion of the Pereza brothers, a little ways off from Bat City. Bring him the items he needs and help him out.

Name Rescue hannah's parents
Difficulty Very hard
Creator Heidel
Description The abbess of Lumine is sick and tired of happy phantoms and she wants them off her property. The only way seems to be to help Hannah find her parents. Hannah's parents are dead, but still somehow trapped since all attempts to resurrect them have failed. Find out what has happened to Hannah's parents, find them, and rescue them.

Name Save ozymandius
Difficulty Very hard
Creator Grimsh
Description There has been no sign of archmage Ozymandius Corabandor for ages and his once glorious tower is dark and silent. Find out what happened to this once very powerful archmage and save him if possible.

Name Shrouds of darkness
Difficulty Very hard
Creator Perin
Description The age before elf and man was the age of the fairie and titan. They were the rulers of the relm, masters of time and space. They fought like gods, like children. They destroyed themselves, making way for you, children of the atom. Learn the story of Chirrax Pek'Raff Hi'nek and free his spirit from the horrible fate that it has suffered.

Name Sweet dreams
Difficulty Very hard
Creator Pahvi
Description The villagers of Red Tides village have been having bit trouble sleeping. The mayor of the village would appreciate the help for he is too busy to look into it himself.