Not very hard area quests

Here is an alphabetical list of Not very hard area quests.

Name Amulet
Difficulty Not very hard
Creator Entropy
Description Upon Haplo's Adventures he has seen many beautiful and wonderous things and people. When he was last in the realm of Pyran he ment to get the Runed Amulet, but does not have time to solve the quest to do so. Go forth to Pyran, realm of Fire, and solve the quest of the Amulet. Then find Haplo's dog and give the Runed Amulet to the dog.

Name End the war
Difficulty Not very hard
Creator Grimsh
Description A terrible war is raging between Lord Drauron's army and a group of farmers who have decided to take up arms against their lord. This war has to stop.

Name Escape in the village
Continent Rothikgen
Difficulty Not very hard
Description Lady in the village of Aldors has been betrayed by her relatives. She is desperately looking for a brave adventurer to aid her with the problem. Seek out what you can do to help her.

Name Frozen valley
Difficulty Not very hard
Creator Fizbuck
Description The mayor of Rendburg has been expelled. Help him to get back in charge of the town.

Name Help loretta
Difficulty Not very hard
Creator Mandrake
Description Years ago something horrible happened in a village near Rilynt'tar. All the citizens died and the village was abandoned for years. Now Derov one of the head priests of Kauwenda is trying to resurrect people to find out what happened. Your mission is to help him with this task. Go to village and find Loretta. Ask her for more information.

Name It's dog
Difficulty Not very hard
Creator Cyberman
Description Your mission is to feed the favourite dog of It. The dog is a little picky about what it likes to eat, so you must find the right food. Finding the statue of It might be a good start. Use your brains as well as your heart and relieve the miserable dog of its fasting.

Name Necromancer's dream
Difficulty Not very hard
Creator Nikotemus
Description A powerful necromancer, who lived in a wasteland somewhere near swamp, had done some experiments and rumors tell he succeeded. Find out what was the result of his experiment.

Name The ant hill
Difficulty Not very hard
Creator Noctur
Description Nicodemus the old Satyr needs your help. He is a retired illusionist who nowadays spends most of his time studying insects (especially ants) and smoking his pipe. But now the ants have done a trick to him and stolen few of his items. Maybe some younger adventurers could help him, since Nicodemus himself is getting too old to search the items? The old satyr spends most of his time by a large ant hill, somewhere north and east from the Channeller Guild. You can meet him there and see if he still needs your help.

Name The quest of legolas
Difficulty Not very hard
Creator Legolas & Shardik
Description Solve the ancient quest of Legolas.