Easy Area quests

Here is an alphabetical list of Easy area quests.

Name A day at the circus
Difficulty Easy
Creator Nalle
Description There are rumours circulating that Ernesto, the circus' director has a task for some intrepid adventurer who should be willing to do it. However, the task is rumoured to be dangerous and Ernesto is a respectable man and doesn't want to burden his conscience with the demise of young, overly eager adventurers. Thus, do not be surprised if he will ask you to prove that you are up to the task.

Name Alchemist's dilemma
Difficulty Easy
Creator Hablo
Description A reputed alchemist from BatCity moved from the bustling city life to his old family home located in the peaceful countryside in order to concentrate on his new studies of the skies and stars. Unfortunately soon after he began his studies some eerie force has been pestering and slowing his efforts. See if you can help him recover his lost works and let him work in peace again.

Name Caves of orac
Difficulty Easy
Creator Elwood
Description Return the Oracian Book of Faith to the Ancient Wizard King.

Name Help atriel
Difficulty Easy
Creator Fizzl
Description It is rumoured that in the abandoned valley can be found old lady Atriel who has been bound to his duties. There is not much you can do to help her in that matter, but she has also lost an item she loved very much. Maybe you could help her if you could find her and listen to what troubles her. Some tales from adventurers tell, this abandoned valley can be found somewhere near the tree village of catfolk.

Name Intrigue at dark castle
Difficulty Easy
Creator Nalle
Description You have heard rumours of a conspiracy being underway against commander Maximillian of Dark Castle. It is your task to unravel this sinister plan and find out what is going on.

Name Paladin stronghold
Difficulty Easy
Creator Zin
Description Paladin Stronghold has been invaded by swarm of undeads. Even the one's who behold the power over gods, didn't stand a change against them. Go and help the Knighthood of Paladins to recover their last Stronghold on the eastern frontier.

Name Robbery in moonlight
Difficulty Easy
Creator Qazar
Description There was a robbery last night at the streets of Bat. A noble lady was mugged and something important was stolen from her. The lady claims there was an eye-witness who saw the robbery but he was surrounded by smoke cloud. Inspector Rouligar of the Batcity police station says he suspects a shadow-imp from the netherworld to be behind this while other more sane people doubt this to be the case.

Name Save the farmers
Difficulty Easy
Creator Ruffneck
Description Save the farmers from the evil wyvern, Rendevelin

Name The lost troglodyte rod
Difficulty Easy
Creator Malitrius
Description A tribe of troglodytes have settled in a swamp near Donaru. A friendly tribe most of the time, but something is not as it should be. Some of the troglodytes have turned aggressive and left the camp and become brigands on the bat highway that runs close to the camp. The mayor of Donaru have raised concerned about this and is trying to gather a group of adventures that can investigate this further. Somehow the tribe has lost their ancient rod of troglodyte ancestors. The rod is usually placed on an altar and focus for troglodyte worship, but now the rod is gone and troglodytes being a race with a primitive nerv systems can't cope with that stress so some of them have turned aggressive. You have to find the rod and slay the renegade troglodytes to bring back the peace to the village.